Creating an impressive resume

Creating an impressive resume

The first and the most important step you need to take after you step out of college and are on the lookout for a job is creating a distinctive and an impressive resume or a CV as it is known in Europe. It is imperative and critical that you create your resume with great care and thought if you want a job with a reputable company.

You may not have much to write under experience in your resume but there are other ways to make sure that your resume leaves a positive impact on your possible recruiters. Some of the pointers below can help you get started on your resume while avoiding the common mistakes made while creating a resume.

  • Try not to go overboard while writing your resume. Be brutally honest. Do not state that you can handle Microsoft Office if your skill does not go beyond the basics such as forming, opening, saving and closing a file. Glorifying your resume as such can only land you in troubled waters when it is finally the time to test your skills.
  • Be crisp and precise. They are not interested in your life saga. Mention skills and attributes that pertain to the job you are applying for.
  • The basic pathway to follow while writing a resume is to state your education, experience, skills and objectives. While stating your education start with high school and any other college degree, diploma you've acquired. There is no need to start from junior school or elementary school.
  • By all means state any experience you've had as a manager or at a clerical job. However, the mention of working at a pizzeria or other summer jobs that you did while growing up gives no extra credits to your resume.
  • The trick is to keep a balance and avoid going overboard. If you are a competent with computers or at accounting then state so in your resume.
  • If you've worked and volunteered for community welfare programmes, then state so in your resume. This shows recruiters that you are conscious about the community you live in and can handle working with other colleagues well.
  • Avoid taking references for your resume from people who are related to you.
  • Creating a good resume takes time and effort but the reward is all the sweeter when you finally land that job.

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