From high school to college

From high school to college

The rosy glow of prom night still surrounds you like fresh dew and suddenly you find yourself at college trying to make decisions that terrify you. You are exhilarated, excited and at the same time intimidated. Everyone expects that you know exactly what you want out of life while the truth is you are confused and disoriented. Relax; lightning won't strike you if you have not decided what to major in yet.

One of the major changes while attending college is that you have to learn to fend for yourself. You'll have to buy books on your own either online or from a bookstore at the most affordable price you can find. Credit cards can be a boon and a blessing at the same time. They are absolutely a life saver in emergencies while also have the ability to turn into luring devils enticing temptation and eventually leading you deep in credit card debt.

It is necessary to get a part time job so that you can shoulder the expenses of your college. This also lays the foundation stones of how you handle your future finances. Budgeting is an imperative part of college life. It is also satisfying to have extra cash for those rare treats to lavish on yourself.

While its great to do extra curricular activities that embellish your resume it is also easy to be overwhelmed by them while trying to get a college degree at the same time. Studies are much harder in college so you need to find the right balance between your extra activities and studies.

Teachers in college are not there to make your life a hell! Ask for help when you need it. They will sincerely try to guide you in your queries or guide you to another source or person where you can find answers. Don't be afraid of failure. Everybody fails at something at least once in their life. It is human to fail and even to try again after failure.

Acquaint yourself well with the geographics of your college so you can rush through to your intended class using the shortest possible route. This is crucial when there is literally no time between two sessions to squeeze in.

College is chaotic, fast paced, hectic and may make you feel like a leaf being tossed erratically at the whim of the wind. However it can also be exciting, mesmerising and fun. You just need to learn to pace yourself and find the right rhythm.

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